Implosions are rumored to hold some interest, or Depth test II Debriefing Stage


I finally have some footage to show. :)

The Video is filmed at 90 frames per second, but played at 24 frames per second. so Slo-mo.

Skip ahead to 14:49 10 sec before the 2.6 endcap fails. The estimated depth is 147m! Nice!

The Next point skip to is 19:52. At 180m, the 1/2" endcap made from 2 x 1/4" disks fails 10 seconds from that point.(at 20:02) If you watch closely you will see the face seal being forced out just before the implosion.

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Very impressive setup and a dramatic video.

Would you say that your endcaps were really well laminated together? I am building my ROV now and I didn't get the glue into one area on one cap, about a 1cm x 4cm crescent. I figure it will be fine for shallower water, but I don't know how much it will affect the strength for deeper water.


When I did the original depth test, my version 2.4 endcaps failed at about 95m depth. The method for gluing them at the time was different and concentrated on make sure the edges were well sealed. it has some bonding in the middle areas, but no where near as much as 2.5 and 2.6 method.

So long as the edge is sealed you will still be able to go quite deep. It may fail sooner, but this recent test suggests that the actual tube its self may be the first to fail. Again, in the original test, the e-tubes started to fail at just over 100 meters.

I can't make any guarantees of course. Going near the 100m limit is always risky, but I doubt you have any more to worry about than normal. :D

Post a picture of the endcap so we can see.


Thanks, that certainly helps - maybe I will keep my depth to 50m (still way deeper than I ever dove.) I'll try and send a photo next week.