I'm in Qatar- any suggestions for places to explore with an OpenROV?


I’ve been invited by the US State Department to give some talks to schools in Qatar about developing OpenROV. While I’m in this corner of the world, I’d love to check out what it’s like underwater here, and I happen to have 3 OpenROVs with me. Does anyone know of any cool things to look for in this area?




I went diving in Dubai last year, but couldn’t get on any of the wrecks due to high winds so we dove “The World” artificial island chain they were building. Visibility was around 15-20 feet. Temperature was around 68F in January. There wasn’t much because it was still new construction, but some of the tropical fish and sea urchins were there.

For Qatar, see if you can get a ride on one of the dive boats going out. There are a few wrecks and reefs in the area. http://www.pdcqatar.com/divesites