If the acrylic annealed for OpenROV?


If the acrylic annealed for OpenROV?

The term annealing generally describes the heating of a material over a longer period. With such a method, it is possible for example to control the distribution of mechanical stresses in a component made of glass or acrylic.

I have not found any information about it.

Thanks for the reply.


Hi Holger:

It depends on what the material is supposed to be used for.

In the case of the E_Tube, If it has been initially designed as a pressure pipe, it has been slowly cooled, to ambient temperature at the factory, giving time for the structure to get self balanced.

If it has been made only as a decorative mean, that cooling may have not been performed.

Optically granted acrylic matherial has also suffer a heat treatment in order to avoid structural irregularities.

Anyway, when calculations are performed for pressure vessels, the worst case assumptions are always made, and a sequrity factor is applied, that mainly depends on the role that the part is going to have in the design.

Those factors can be found at any of the ships or underwater vehicles building rules published by the different classification societies (Lloyd's, ABS, DNV ....... ) which are based on experience and laboratory tests.



Hi Ion,

thank you for your reply.

I've read that acrylic when treated with heat, when bonding is not as fast from cracking and for our OpenROV that's important.
For this reason, I ask for it.

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You're wellcome Holger.

And you're right. The heat treatment avoids stress concentrations, but if safety factors are duly applied, the part will not fail under the design conditions.

A high quality part, where internal structure has been fully homogenized (as fully as possible, perfection is only a theoretical concept), results a lot more expensive. But, as there are no weak areas, dimensions and material quantity can be optimized, and hence weights are reduced.

Have a look at this document that can be free downloaded.

ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)


Section 6 / 17.1

Here at Europe, we are more fond of Det Norske Veritas or the Lloyd's Register. Anyway, calculation methods are the same, and the ABS document is easier to be found and downloaded.

Regards and greetings from Spain :-)


Hello Ion,
Thank you for your additional information.
I want to go wrong when gluing the OpenROV nothing.
Have bought the acrylic cement ACRIFIX 1S-0117 by the company EVONIK.


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About cementing the endcaps ......

Be careful providing a homogeneus cement layer between parts.

The surfaces must be fully in contact with no bubbles.

The thinner the cement layer, the better.

Regards Holger. Dont hersitate asking anythig you need.


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Hi Kuriult:
I live very close to Madrid. Please PM me if you are still around here.