Ideas for a practical semester for my university


Hello out there,

I'm a german student studying Electrical Engineering in my 3rd (of 7) semester in Sankt Augustin, a little town somewhere near Cologne, Germany. I'm very much interested in the whole area of underwater exploration and research. As i would like to dive deeper into the field of underwater research, and like to get to know new countries and new people, i would like to do my practical semester using an OpenROV as a starting point for a project. As a primary goal I would like to go to Mexico and help friends of mine exploring the underwater caves (cenotes) of yucatan. As I'm not quite sure if this is going to happen, I'm also looking out for more projects to get possibly involved in. As for the official requirements we have to do a practical semester in our 5th semester (that is october 2014 - march 2015) for 5 month at a company or university of some sort. So to all of you out there willing to help me out: Do you know (or own) a company (or NGO or anything else official) that is doing research or other projects related to the OpenROV that might be interested to have an intern and helping out a student from germany gaining experience in this field. If theres anything you would like to know just post a comment below and of course: Thanks in advance for sharing ideas!

PS: To all @OpenROV do you have some capabilities of having interns? Keep up the good work!