I would like to thank those that helped in my build of an ROV


The building of this ROV has taken place over the past 10 months and I would like to thank a few people that helped me in this project. There were 2 students, one apprentice and one staff member from our local New Brunswick Community College located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada that worked on my ROV. Jeremy did the machining on the light housings along with George Lewis, Donnie did the work on the flanges that were required on both ends of the stainless steel tube. The welding for this project was done by Louis Leblanc who is an instructor at the community college in the Welding department, and who specialized in stainless steel. They did a fantastic job on these parts and I greatly appreciate their contributions. I would also like to thank Greg Currie the Instructor for the Machine Shop for taking on these projects with the students.

Jeremy Sollows is on the left and Donnie Ferris is on the right. They both entered the program in September 2011 and completed the first year which focuses on manual machining theory and principles. They will graduate from the CNC Machinist program on June 22nd . The 2nd year focuses on all aspects of CNC machining including programming, setting up, and running machined parts on CNC Machining and Turning centers. They are also capable of designing and programming parts on advanced CAD/CAM software. George Lewis, a CNC Machinist apprentice who works with APEX Industries Inc. was also involved in the project, but wasn’t available for the picture.

Louis LeBlanc

Bathtub Float test.

I have yet to test this in water other than a bathtub float test and hope to have this completed soon. I am very anxious to see how it maneuvers as it is much heavier than the OpenROV, so I plan to do a pool test in the next week or so. My thanks also go out to the OpenROV team members for the great work that is going on and look forward to the many options that will be added at a later date.


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David, Did you modify the programming to isolate the vertical thrusters to work independently?