I wanted to


Hello all
Good initiative Eric to make a openrov page, wait to see how it develops.

I wanted to hear if anyone knows where I can find the propeller to the engine?
Eric, you have the opportunity to describe how to connect Arduino and h-bridge, use your’s bureau to communicatebetween the surface and your ROV?


Hi Carsten,

The propeller I use is made by GWS and it's called the EDF-3043X6 (GW/EDF75-7). The Arduino output pins for PWM and Direction are attached to the respective pins on each H-bridge as per it's data sheet. You can find the wiring diagram on the bottom of page 6 in this data sheet:


I'm not quite sure what you mean about communication between the surface and the ROV, but I suggest looking into USB over Ethernet extenders as a start. You can also convert into RS-485 which goes long distances. Recently, I've also been developing ways to communicate IEEE 1901 standard, which you can find more information for here:


I hope this helps-- good luck!