I want to try using this for drown victum recovery


I have been looking for something like this for a while now. I live in NY and my father is a member of the local dive team. Recently we had a woman drown in one of our lakes and it was up to my father and his fellow divers to find and recover the body. Well it is winter here and the air temperature for the past few days as been about 10 degrees Fahrenheit and the water is just above freezing.

I would love to be able to equip the dive team with a couple of these to make this type of task of finding the body easier, faster, and safer for them. Ideally they could sit in a heated truck and run the wire out the window instead of dragging the bottom for miles.

Some things I didn't see on the website that I was curious about.

  1. The ability for an arduino to process and transmit video tends to be very low. I didn't see any pictures or videos of the ROV's GUI or video it transmits. How well can you see using the built in webcam?
  2. Sometimes there are currents in the lakes and canals around here. I see that you use a single twisted pair for communication and seeing it is such low gauge wire it will cause minimal drag in the water. How well do you think this little ROV would deal with different strength currents?
  3. In general I would like to see more of the controls and GUI for this little device. How are the controls for this device?


Hi Jacob,

Here's a link to what the cockpit looks like: http://wiki.openrov.com/index.php/Software_Manual

The ROV is quite small and won't do very well in strong currents.