I think I cooked my control board



Last time in the pool I picked up some water. I didn’t think it was enough to hurt anything but now I have a half working board. Here are the signs and symptoms if anyone can help me start to diagnose and trace down my failed components for repair.

The control board powers up but the bottom most (25 pin plug on the left) ESC was so hot it was melting the plastic coating. I cut the 12V power leads to this ESC so it did not burn up. Now, I show 0 voltage in the cockpit display. The 2 remaining ESCs do the start up tunes and show green lights but are also hot to the touch with no power going to the motors. The cockpit shows appropriate power level to the motors when I use the cockpit controls but the motors do not respond at all. None of the ESC or the camera tilt seem to work. I have 12VDC at the ESC power input terminals on the board. Control board does not show any light activity on LEDs 2,3 & 5.Can it be saved or does it become parts for my next project?


Sorry to hear about the issues with your controller board.
I have a test tool that can not only send PWM servo signals, but it can display them coming from a receiver or a controller.
If you have access to such a tool you can look at the PWM signals going to the ESCs to get an idea of what is going wrong with the Controller Board.