I MADE OPENROV in the last two years。欢迎中文交流



YES,I MADE some ,and modified

Third 第三次

我建了个QQ群 水下机器人大本营 297539273


THE SCOEND T 第二次时候 做的

I MADE the first one all by Acrylic ,it is Ugly and fragile 。 SO the SECOND time ,I USED THE ABS 。


MY FRIEND made one ,is it beautiful ?


I continued to spend two years to do OPENROV。
All my spare time

PCB ,imu all do from China. If i made only one ,it is really expensive.

i have to make ten . so If i sell , How should I price 。 OF COURSE ,Most of the accessories are cheaper than the OPENROVl website 。


This is my first time to do the OPENROV .
made two,finish one


last year,i made 2.6 Controller Board . Now ,2.8




very good,study from you.