I have a 2.8. built and looking to sell


ROV is barely used. I thought it might be something I’d be interested in but I’ve always been into the aerial drones. These are fun, just might be more enjoyable for someone else. Been in the water 2 or 3 times. It works great. Just needs some fine tuning. Custom reel I made myself for the tether so it doesn’t get all tangled and is easier to spool out and reel in. Paid $800 for the ROV plus the items needed to make the reel. Only asking $600 for it, or best offer. Also, putting it on ebay as well, so if your interested, let me know ASAP. Thanks


I’m interested if still available. I live in Rancho Murieta just southeast of Sacramento. call or text 916-208-1041. Jay Harris


Hello Jay,
The ROV is still available. Shipping would not be a problem. I tried
to text you, but I wasn’t sure if it had gone through so I decided to email
you back. Give me a call or text, email. 315-532-2595

  Dan Cali


I’m also interested in this rov if Jay doesn’t take it :slight_smile:
you can what’sapp me at 0033 698 568 316


Tried contacting you…


I received your message :slight_smile:
Do you have any pictures of the ROV?



Here’s a few photos. Hope this helps.


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