I fail to calibrate the ESC's


Hello fellas,

I am afraid I have a little trouble calibrating the ESC's. I am confused how the collaboration done.

I open the diagnostic pane but I really don't know what to do next. I have read your all posts about it but weren;t really useful for me.

Could you please explain it to me in a simpler way.



Nobody wannat help ? ^_^


Hi Salman:

The more information you can give us about what you have already tried, and where you are confused, the better we can help you.

For OpenROV 2.6, the calibration information is on Dozuki step 92. You can find the Dozuki guide here.

Try going through this step by step, and let us know if you find part of it confusing.



Hey Walt,

Thank you very much for replying !

I noticed I have been following the OpenROV 2.5 V guides ! that's why i got confused !

Actually I have finished assymbling all the parts, programming and collabrating the ESC as well.

I have a questions about the laser. When I press "L" lasers will turn on. So, what I suppose to see and to know ? I mean what is the purpose pf this laser ?

Yesterday I tried my OpenRov in a pool. I had some difficulties to control it ! I mean when I was pressing Backward button it was going straight and down ! and when I was pressing Forward button it was going back ! Also when i was pressing Leftward it was going right and vice versa, How I can fix that ?

Also, sometimes during the test after using it for while, OpenROV was not responding to my commands for a short time ( 30 seconds ) ! and some times it was transmitting my commads with a noticeable delay ! Do you know what might be the reason ?

Thank you.


Hi Salman:

The lasers are used to estimate the size of objects you see in the camera. They are supposed to be aligned parallel and 10cm apart. So the two spots you see on an object in the distance will be 10cm apart as well.

When you are calibrating the ESCs you need to make sure that each propeller is spinning in the correct direction- if you are trying to go forwards, then the props need to be thrusting forwards. There is a check box on the diagnostics page that allows you to reverse the polarity of each motor.



Hello Walt,

Thank you very much for the information. I will do as you said exactly and I will get back with the result.

But, how I can know what direction each propellers should move so it will go forward / backward >? ( without testing in water )

Thank you.