Hydrostatic Chamber


Greetings enthusiasts!

Does anyone have the CAD drawings of the hydrostatic test chamber? I want to build one out here in Livermore, but bigger. If not, I'll draft one up and post it.

Is there a BOM for the one OpenROV built a few months ago?




Yeah! The plans are here!

CAD files and design docs

Tell me if the link works!

I used some hoop stress calculations + Deep sea power & lights Under Pressure software calculator to design the pressure vessel. It can go to 300PSI with a 2x+ safety factor. the 150 PSI for 100m testing is pretty safe.

Happy pressure testing!

Note: However I just have to put this as the caveat, build this at your own risk, I don't certify or back this with any sort of guarantee.


Thanks Colin. I understand and accept the risk, and the link does work. I'll let you guys know how it turns out!


Hey Colin,
I am looking to build a pressure vessel for 150 PSI. I need some reference before I design one.
I am unable to access your CAD files and design docs so can you give me access to those files.



What is the internal diameter you are looking for?