Human bodies detection project


Dear OpenROV community
We are a group of three electrical and computer engineering students and we are doing our senior design project this semester.
Since many human bodies disappears under the water, our idea is to employ the robot in finding them.

We would like to read your opinions about the idea and your suggestions if any.

Best regards,


Search the Forums for ‘recovery’ and you will find several posts on the topic including some of the challenges that need solving.

Good luck.


What an interesting project!

Would you be interested in getting the robot to look for the bodies autonomously? (ie. all by themselves) If this were the case I think it would be challenging for the robot to detect the body via image processing as body parts come in all shapes, sizes. I’m no expert but perhaps you could use some sort of a sensor that detects chemicals found in decomposing bodies. Just my two cents. Please keep us updated with any progress!



Hi @zacmacc and @badevguru

Actually we changed the idea just after two days from posting it in the forum the new idea is “equipping the robot with a spear gun to let it do spearfishing”.

We have already started our research . I know that it would be very difficult but hopefully not impossible.

Thank you again and if you can help with the second idea this will be great.

Best Wishes


I’m down to help. I’ve been thinking about this since I saw Thunderball

PM me if you need something from the hardware department.



@Zack guys your replies make me feel sorry because we changed the idea … :cry: see my previous comment


Love the spear idea! That’s what I’m talking about.

Need some stuff let me know.



On Mar 11, 2016 1:36 PM, “Asma Ibrahim” wrote:

March 11

@Zack guys your replies make me
feel sorry because we changed the idea … [image: :cry:] see my previous

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Great ! thank you :slight_smile:


Great project! As a certified police tactical diver and underwater
Crime scene investigator trained by the U.S.C.G, U.S.N. And the
N.A.P.D. I would be glad to help you. I have recovered more victims
Than I care to remember. My Rov is equipped with sonar and a retrieval
Claw just for that purpose. Now Aging I find it harder and harder to dive
Especially saturation dives to extreme depths so for the last twenty
Years I have been leaning, towards better and deeper robots.
I just finished a very lightweight all carbon fiber design that uses two
Dive bottles as power for rapid body recovery in what we in the public
Safety dive industry call golden hour cases. The idea is this kind of unit
Would be cheep enough in cost that any police, or fire dive team could
Afford them. And they would be simple to operate and deploy in minutes.
I can be reached at 805 712 6199. Or garblebox@hotmailcom.
Feel free to contact me I would love to hear more about your ideas.
Ty Grabowski Uwcsi, USCG retired.


I’m a SAR teamleader. Following this lead as I came about this community to find out about affordable devices that would allow me check locations remotely.

TY_GRABOWSKI_UWCSI, Absolutely interested in your experiences as well if you are willing to let me pick your brain.


Any time my cell number is 805 712 6199 I can be reached most of the things me on that number I’m always willing to help in any way I can
Ty Grabowski Uwcsi, USCG retired.