How to write a good help and support request


Put a clear summary of the symptom you are seeing in the title of the topic post.

"ROV turns in a circle when pressing forward on the gamepad" is way clearer than "The ROV controls don't work right". The clearer your topic, the faster it will get help.

In the Description include details that identify the type and version of the system that is having a problem. Ex: OpenROV 2.6, Software version 2.5.1-final.

Use the tag options. Put a tag that matches the nature of the area that is having issues when possible. A problem programming the ESC = a problem with the propulsion system.

In the description be clear with what steps you are performing that are not working as expected.

Keep on topic. If you have more than one item that you are asking for help with, open more than one request.

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