How to utilise pwm4 for extra external lights


Hi all,
My external Cree led lights exceed the rated 2 amps per pwm channel so I need to spread the load. I’ve asked the question a couple of times as to how to utilise pwm4. There’s currently no keyboard mapping to facilitate this feature. @Walt Holm has an excellent controller board mod, however it stops short of explaining how to switch the pwm4 channel. In a later discussion with @badevguru the subject of cloning the code for external lights (1) on pwm3 and applying to pwm4 as external lights (2) to allow simultaneous control of both channels from the same keyboard command was mentioned, but again a little short on detail (for a coding novice such as myself).
I realise the technical priority for HQ right now is Trident so rather than pester everyone unnecessarily I investigated the issue and have implemented a simple solution as follows:-
Carry out the @Walt Holm mod here for 2 sets of external lights

Now link R38 to R39 using a generic germanium diode (in my case 1N1418)

Switch on pwm3 and pwm4 simultaneously from your chosen external lights keyboard/gamepad mapping. As this is a hardware mod it works equally well in 30.0.3 and RC31.0.0.

Controller Board modification for 2 pairs of light cubes

Sorry for the typo - link R38 to R39 is 1N4148 switching diode