How to upgrade Mjpg-streamer?


Because HD camera picture blink,So I try to upgrade Mjpg-streamer to solve this porblem,
But when I upgraded Mjpg-streamer to the latest version(svn182), the screen have nothing picture,
it’s always black screen. I check the syslog and found nothing error.
So my question is how to compile or upgrade openrov’s Mjpg-streamer.

My steps are belllow:
1.install jpeg lib:
apt-get install libjpeg62-turbo-dev
export *.so
2.make and install mjpg-streamer
nothing error above occured.

Dear Brian,could you help me ???
Thank you so much…


Be sure to review our open source repository if your curious on how we build the software. I believe this issue will answer your question on the blank screen

Be sure to let us know if upgrading MJPEG-Streamer helps at all.


Dear Brian,thank you for your prompt response.
I have review the issue,I think maybe it’s helpful,
I will try later and let you know the result.
Thank you so much.


Dear Brian:
the patch is usefull,the camera picture get normal,
but my HD camera is still blink;

thank you so much.