How to synchronize and download the video and IMU data?



Hi everyone!
Now I am studying the visual odometry,and I can download the video of Webcam and the IMU data from the webpage.But I find I cannot synchronize and download the video and IMU data.
Could you tell me how to do it?Do you have some good solutions? Thank you


The data that is downloaded from the browser that has the IMU data includes the runtime in milliseconds that correspond to the timestamp for runtime you see in the lower right of the video when you capture the whole screen. You can manually synchronize them at this point.

Anyone else have some ideas?


OK,thanks. Considering the low resolutions by capturing the whole screen,are there some applications that can capture the video from the URL( and record the IMU data at same time?


At the moment, you can use VLC (which can connect to the stream directly) or software like stream castify which can grab a whole tab where you can point to the video stream directly from the tab in the browser.

Anyone have other options they like?


Thank you so much.
We have tried to use the VLC to capture the video,and download the IMU data from browser,but We found it difficult to synchronize them.Because It takes time to switch two software , when I stared to capture video by VLC,and then rapidly switch to browser to record the IMU data .The plug-in ,Screencastify of Google Chrome cannot meet our requirements in video.


Just throwing out ideas, you can simply issue a light on/off or camera tilt command. Matching the video to the telemetry is manual but once it is lined up you should be good to go. I do now the VLC does some weird things with time and may not be consistent in its video recording timeframe… so results may vary.


oh sorry.I don’t know how to issue a light on/off or camera tile command. Does it mean that we can use command through the Google Chrome ? Could you tell me in detail?


Anyone else have some ideas?