How to share your internet connection with your ROV on OSX/Mac


There are many cases that you will want to have the ROV have access to the internet. If you have a router handy, you can plug it straight in and it will get a DHCP address and all is good. But what about when that is not possible? You can use internet sharing and some command-line voodoo that allows your ROV to use the internet connection on your MAC and also allows others on the network to actually then access the ROV through that connection.

Step 1: Enable Internet Sharing

Select sharing from the (Apple) System Preferences:

What is not obvious is that OS/X actually sets up a private network of 192.168.2/24 between your computer and the ROV. Usually the ROV will pull an IP address of, but it can vary. I use a free tool called Angry IP Scanner to quickly find out what IP address was assigned:

At this point you should be able to connect to your ROV on the 192.168.2.x address, and if you SSH on to your ROV you should be able to ping the internet!

Step2: Enable external access to the ROV

Open up a terminal window


ssh -L <computer external IP address>:8080:192.168.2.<ROV internal address>:8080 -L <computer external IP address>:8089:192.168.2.<ROV internal address>:8089 -N

This will open up a tunnel through your computer to the ROV. Now anyone can reach the ROV on port 8080 by using the IP address of your MAC.

You can get the IP address of your MAC from the system preferences window: