How to see which software version I'm running?


I'm now at the software phase of building my 2.6 OpenROV (yay!). The BeagleBone came pre-installed with a working image, and I can connect to the cockpit, see voltage/current etc. (after uploading firmware from the SD card).

Now I'd like to upgrade to the latest release (v2.5 from ), but I wanted to first check which version came pre-installed on the board (maybe, it's already up to date?).

Is there somewhere on the cockpit that tells me? E.g. I see "ver f108b56859e6fd4715ebfb91177c44d332a23c74" in the "download data" panel, which looks like a git commit, but when I search for it in the openrov-software github repo I can't find it.



OpenROV [2.8] How do I query which version software I am running?

OK, poking around, I think I may have answered my own question.

It turns out (I didn't know, I'm sure I missed a README somewhere!), if you connect to without the port 8080, it takes you to a page that has a useful "software versions" link in the top right corner.

Click that and it brings up versions of each component, and I can see e.g. openrov-cockpit 2.5.0-6 and openrov-image 2.5-7.

I'm not quite sure how to correlate those component versions with the latest release version (2.5-29) ... but I'm guessing -6 and -7 "correspond" to -29 and so my version is a bit old :)


Hey Michael,

We have been dialing in the image version numbers, but in general, the 2.5 means it was part of the 2.5 development releases and the -# is the build number. So 2.5.0-6 was build#6 of the 2.5 series which happens to have been from April of this year (