HOW TO recompile the Linux system



Dear ,
We are trying to adapt OpenROV 2.8 to certain self-defined experiment purposes in our university.
For example, we know how to send data from our selfdefined board to the Beaglebone black. But how should we allow Beaglebone black to pass this external control data compatible to the control board in ROV for controlling the motors.

For this reason, we hope to understand the controling data structure between the control board and beaglebone black board (e.g., which part is for controling motors), furthermore we also wish to recompile the Linux system (e.g., to rearrange the usage of P8 pins).

Therefore we look forwards to your guidance and helps as follows (or where we may find these).
1,Cross-compilation toolchain suitable for the BeagleBone Black in the
openrov project and the Linux operating system versions / required software packages / installation guiadance and so on.

2, All the source code of the linux operating system with the same version in current openrov and related applications, and its
compiler environment of the BeagleBone Black which run in the openrov project.

During our testing, it costs our great efforts to built the cross-compilation toolchain without an expected outputs. Therefore we are looking forward to your guidance.
We highly appreciate your helps.


Here are the answers to your question to the best of my ability. If anyone else wants to chime in, please do.

  1. We do not have a cross-compilation toolchain. We build the images on actual hardware.

  2. The image build process is a fork of Robert Nelson’s BeagleBone image build process. You can find it at the following link.

I hope this helps you.