How to implement a PID controller on OpenRov


Hello, recently I saw a video on youtube showing a PID control loop with OpenROV I just want to know if you can share the program that implements the PID or a guide of what programs of the openrov you need to modify to implement this control. It would be helpful for me because I want to implement another type of control on the openrov.




Hey Said,
Can you post a link to the video? A number of different people are working on this. I think it might be time to try and coordinate and combine efforts.


You can find where we have a rudimentary implementation at This is intended to show what you need to do in order to plugin in your own control systems. Please share anything you do create with the rest of the community!



Ok, the video that I saw is on this link, and have this comment:

This is an early test-tank demonstration of a basic PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) control loop we through together during our expedition to the Sea of Cortez in early January, 2014, which maintains heading and depth. In this case, only Proportional and Integral gains were implemented, and the system is somewhat noticeably under-damped. The purpose of this control loop would be to help a pilot fly a course without having to worry about the correction maneuvers to maintain heading and depth during a mission, but rather just pay attention to the broad course of the ROV. Heading was detected using an MPU-9150 9-axis IMU, and depth was detected with an MS5803-14BA Pressure sensor