How to get one openrov


I there I live in London UK, and as far as can see you guys are not based in Europe so how can I get one fully assemble unit here in the UK, how much that costs with shipment and everything, it's any one in the UK using your product already?, please send or post any relevant information via blog or my email what ever is convenient for you, I love your openrov the best I have seen online so far, but a little more info is needed when it comes to buy it and maintain it especially when you are base at the other side of the ocean, your help it will be very much appreciated.



We ship them all over the world:


Thank you for your response, but am afraid that I need a little more information about my questions above mentioned, if would be so kind to give me as much as possible it would really help me to make an educated decision on to purchase this beautiful machine.

regards; Paulo A. Silva


Paulo, what is it that you are asking? Please be more succinct. It’s quite easy to determine use and use case by researching the forums and blogs. My suggestion, since everyone is very busy on a move to a new facility and ramp up that you define clearly what you are looking for as for information so that the community can response as affectivley as possible.


Let me take a try at answering what it is I think you are asking. If you are looking for something like a video ray kit, then you misunderstand what OpenRov is and what they supply. I can’t speak for OpenRov but I can speak on the community. The kit is in short, a DYI exploration package. You can build one or purchase a fully built kit. You can modify one in anyway you desire. If you are looking for a supported and serviced piece of kit with warranties and contract garuntees, then you may want to look elsewhere. Not that the OpenRov team would be unwilling to work something out, if you have a very clear idea, but it is not a feasible commodity at this time. But again, you could ask. As I mentioned before, if you want demos and use case examples, look at the forums and search YouTube for videos.the community is made of of makers and enthusiasts who are very willing to teach and discuss anything ROV.