How to forward packets with Raspberry Pi Wifi



I am modding an openrov 2.6. I plan on attaching the ethernet adapter to a raspberry pi. The raspberry pi is set up as a wifi access point. Ultimately, I want my laptop to access the raspberry pi and be able to wirelessly control the rov and get the video feed.

How do i forward packets from the raspberry pi to my laptop?


Sounds like you want to use the Raspberry ip as an Access Point. Something like this?


I had actually done this yesterday, however when I attempt to type in the IP on a laptop that connects to the raspberry pi I don’t receive any page. The access point is set up, and IPv4 routing is enabled, but no IP addresses I use allow me to access the cockpit…


So I reflashed the debian image on the pi and performed the operations listed in your link. It works now, I get the openrov cockpit on a different device via wifi. My only trouble is that the keyboard commands dont work, but the diagnostic motor controls do. Not sure how to fix that issue.