How to fix ROV Lights


I have two lights on my ROV from deep sea power and lights. I caught the wire (AWG 7) in the propeller. It damaged the outer jacket to the wire, but the jacket on the inner wires are still OK. The lights still work, but I need a way to seal the jacket so sea water does not leak in and damage the wires. I would try shrink wrap but it does not fit over the lights on the end of the wire. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I might try, or know a way to POD the wires? Thanks.


Perhaps some adhesive lined heat shrink will work. We use that for wire splices on all our in-house ROVs.

3m-EPS-300 1/8" clear is the best stuff for our standard wire, but other wires.



Liquid electrical tape may work well here too.



Don’t forget HOT GLUE or even some epoxy (permanent solution).


Thank you, I am going to try the liquid electrical tape with heat shrink around it. Thanks again.