How to elegantly disable the 4N33S optocoupler on the controller board 2.8 [Solved]


hey, I am thinking about switching the ROV using a magnetic reed latching switch and I am planning to disable the current switching mechanism which is done using a optocoupler IC 4N33S. Is there an elegant way of doing so? I am planning to remove the R1 (18K), any good ideas?

I am in the process of carrying out the experiment to test whether there is a conflict between magnetic switching and tether switching.

  1. assuming the ROV is already switched on by tether, now if I switch on the power switch (the reed switch) at J4-1, J4-2, what will happen to the current (flow through both opto-transistor and reed switch)?

  2. vice versa in 1 (switch on reed first, then opto-switch)

  3. what happens when I switch off either switch?



Hi @sunjianxiao12.08:

You appear to be looking at a Schematic of “Power Controller 2.1”, not Controller Board 2.8. The Power Controller Board was an attempt to add extra functionality to kickstarter OpenROVs. We have not used this board since the introduction of OpenROV 2.5.

If you have an OpenROV Controller Board 2.8, you can perform a similar function by removing R3 (18K), and attaching your reed switch to J12-1 and J12-2.

If you leave R3 in place, then either the tether power or the reed switch will turn the unit on.



hi @Walt_Holm:

Wow, thank you so much. Yes, I was looking at the “Power Controller 2.1” instead of “Controller Board 2.8”.
This helps me a lot.

Many thanks :smile: