How to define "pre-tasks" for the OpenRov



I have finished the set up of the OpenROV and everything is working perfectly ^_^. Thank to the Guide Documents and cool people in this community who have answered my questions.

Now I am thinking to go further and make the OpenROV move by some pre-entered points. For instance, when I turn on the OpenRov I want it to go forward one step and left one step, isntead of pushing up and left buttons.

For that I need to know how I can access the program and change the code which related to this process.

I mean which part of the code is responsible for this buttons, when I push up it goes forward, down it goes backward and so on...

Thanks in Advance,



Hey Salman,

I'm not going to claim to know what I am doing, but poking around in the code, I found the location where the cockpit lights cycle through their various power levels and I believe this is where you might want to add your pre-dive test code.

  1. Starting from the dashboard ( enable Cloud9.
  2. Once this is running, launch the window (
  3. In the file tree on the left, you will want to navigate to the following folder: /openrov/cockpit/src/plugins/ready/index.js

In this file, as far as I can tell (but I haven't tried it myself) is where you can make your function calls to test the motors, lasers, tilt, etc.

Hopefully this sets you in the right direction.