How to decide the underwater lens for the camera?


I wanted to know of how to decide the lens for my webcam that is onboard the rov? how did the open rov team know of te exact thickness (of the electronics tube) required to give a clear image. What are tthe main factors affecting the clarity of image (given by the lens)? Any major things i should take into consideration before i choose the shape,size, focal point etc.(of the lens). Which type of lens sould i use for underwater video recording applications(Upto depth of 70mtrs)? I hear the fisheye lens type is one of the options is that correct?


As long as the camera is inside a cavity of air (i.e. the electronics tube) the tube itself does not effect focus. We just found a webcam that had a very wide-angel lens - the Genius-KYE WideCam F100 - and used that.

I certainly recommend a wide angle lens if possible, it really makes it easier to get a sense of your surroundings.

Another discussion on lenses for OpenROV you might find useful can be found here:

Good luck with your project!