How to control the ROV with a 2.4Ghz radio controller or Gamepad wirelessly?


Anyone who have a solution for this?


Im not sure if this is posibble, because water and radio waves are not compatible. You have only depending on the Wavelength same meter a conection. The water will suppress the radio waves.


I mean between radio and pc


A ok :)

we have a wireless Gamepad but thats not working with the browser interface :/.

So the the Question is which wireless Gamepad will work with the Browser interface ...


I have a RC plane controller, 2.4Ghz....just wonder if it is possible to use that for cobtrolling the ROV?


Great question. If someone comes up with the working list of devices that have been added to Chrome, please be sure to let us all know.

In the meantime, we are using a library that allows us to add mappings for new gamepads ourselves if needed. It does require that the gamepad device can be seen by the browser. If you plugin the games pad with the javascript console open in the browser you should see a message that says it saw the device get attached, even if it does not recognize it. If you get that far, then you can add the necessary mappings. Notice how I added the mappings for the rock candy (cheapest gamepad I could find at Walmart ;-)


oki...this codestuff...Im a noob to this ;)
how do I leave the java script concole open?
Can I just copy paste the writings in the mappings?

Is there any gamepad which is plug n play for chrome?


Has anyone got any further with this ?
I just bought a Logitech F710 and looks like I’m going to have my work cut out for it to work unless someone has made progress.


Have you tried it yet to see if it just works?


I just thought I would add, Oculus Rift is going to ship all VR sets with a Xbox One wireless gamepad.
Additionally Rift being now in bed with Microsoft & fully integrated into Windows 10, This leads me to thinking that the Xbox One wireless gamepad with be fully functional with Windows 10 / Google Chrome.
Oculus made the choice after a bucket of research to use a already proven world wide popular & accepted game controller " Xbox One wireless gamepad"
This leads me to thinking that it would be a pretty smart & logical place to start by putting efforts into getting the OpenROV &Trident ready for use with the Xbox One wireless gamepad.
USB Adapter $25
Xbox One wireless gamepad + USB adapter $80

Lets not reinvent the wheel?

2.4Ghz would be good to use to control the surface drone, cheap easy & readily available on RC market :slight_smile:



Logitech 710 works for me… :slight_smile: