How to control the openrov running?


Hi everyone,last week we have tested the openrov.We use the google chrome to control the motor with setting port motor at -0.5 and the starboard motor at 0.5. But we find it can't go straight .

It just run in circular motion.The openrov can't run as we want.

What's more,no matter how to set the port,starboard and the verticality motor

,the openrov can't sink deeper underwater,it just floats.

So I want to know how to do it, can somebody help us? Thank you.


So which version of OpenROV do you have?

If the vehicle drives in circles, one of the motors might be spinning backwards. You can correct this in software. See the Dozuki instructions for your particular ROV.

As for going underwater, have you correctly ballasted your ROV? The ROV should be neutrally buoyant at the start of the dive. You will have to add some weight to the ROV to get this to happen.

If you haven't seen it already, you should readthis Operators Manual on Dozuki.



Thank you so much.

I use the mouse to click to control the OpenRov in the Diagnostics panel of Cockpit ,which may make something wrong with manual operation.

Can I dircetly use the up,down,left or right key on the keyboard to contraol it running ? or shfit and ctrl to sink?

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