How to control OpenROV 2.8 from iPad screen, partially working


Hi All.
I have just bought one of these:

I set it up as a wireless access point, with the ethernet cable to the topside box. I then connected my iPad to the WiFi and went to the cockpit in my browser (I’ve tried Chrome and Safari).
I must admit that I was surprised it worked so easily, the video was streaming nicely.
However, some of the controls work (up, down) and some don’t (forwards, backwards, turn). When you turn on the lasers, the lights come on as well. Also I can’t see the bottom of the cockpit screen.
Any ideas how to get the remaining bits working? BTW, the touch screen plugin came up automatically enabled.


Unfortunately the touch screen plugin has only been partially working for quite a while now. It’s something that will be fixed in the next software update and there will be new UI’s for tablet’s and smartphones too.