How to confirm the system is stable?


I just watch the soruce of openrov-software-arduino, i wonder if there is anything about the control algorithm such as PID.
OR i have not see it in other files?Can anybody tell me?


In the Arduino software (check openrov-software-arduino repo) there is a class called CAutopilot that implements basic PID controllers for heading and depth hold. There are two versions of the CAutopilot class, and the source file named CAutopilot_EXP.cpp uses the CPIDController class in a manner that you might be used to seeing. What’s in there now is very basic and unrefined, but we are working on improvements for better controllability here in the near future. As for the current level of system stability, you’ll likely find that both the depth and heading hold controls are underdamped due to motor driver capabilities, absence of tuning of the controllers, and uncertainties in heading measurement.


thank you very much! i found that files,but i also find a file named CAutopilot_STD.cpp.In the openrov-software-arduino-30.0.3 code it uses CAutopilot_STD.cpp,not CAutopilot_EXP.cpp .so can i think the image or the firmware download to the ArduionBoard is CAutopilot_STD.cpp,not use CAutopilot_EXP.cpp ?Should we do something about Kalman filtering?