How to buy 2.8kit


I’m from china, how to shipping it if I buy one from your website?


I am also from China and i have already built my own ROV 2.8
You can buy the 2.8 kit at the Store webpage and once you put it into your cart you can check it out.
The payment of the kit is based on the PayPal, though the Unionpay is included in PayPal but it is still not available for you to use it in this trade,that it is to say you will have to use visa or master via PayPal.
As for the shipment, there is a shippment rate calculator in the cart, there you will input your destination and it will come out the shipment choice you could have and it will also caculate your shipment rate.Basically, if you want it to ship to mainland China you can only use the DHL and the shipment rate is around 70 USD to 80USD. I live in GuangZhou so I ordered the shipment to HongKong
first and there will be more choice for shipment(Fedex,EMS,DHL,ect)the price are also around 70-80 USD and it only takes 4 to 7 day to arrive in China.
Once you pay the money you will recieved the tracking number via e-mail and there is no worry about that the stuff will get lost. Feel free to ask ! you can also mailed the support team via e-mail, that’s
hope you can enjoy !


Thanks for providing a fantastic answer!

Once small correction. The support email is or you can contact us through our website.


hi, Golden, could you tell me the taxes fee when shipping to China inland.


I am not sure about that because i ordered it to HongKong and bring it back to mainland by myself and you know, the taxes of HK is 0. If you order it to directly to mainland there will be a risk of being detained by the custom and recently the China custom is doing a strict job. I think you can check the list of the China custom and seek for the taxes index.


thanks a lot. one way is my friend in US help me buy the kit, recently he will come back at take it to me. the question is how long he will receive the kit? he booked the ticket end of this month.
PS: could you give me your contact method, wechat or QQ?

#7 e-mail is fine