How to Attach Delta-V 15 Rotor?


Just orderd a couple Delta-V 15 Rotor, wondering how do i connect them to the brushless motors? Do i have to but extra parts?


That's a good question. We've just been laser cutting small circles out of acrylic - adapters to fit them onto the shaft of the brushless motors.


Cool. Dont have a laser printer. Can you post an image, would love to see it.


I will post it later this week when I'm cutting them at TechShop.


Thank you. Looking to finish my version in time for our trip Nov. 27.


Just found a local meetup like Techshop in Houston, tx. I think they have a laser Cutter... Yay!


Afternoon David, Just checking in if you were able to snap a couple shots of how to mount the Delta 15 recommended.

Thank you!