How the OpenROV software works: my presentation at the Node.js Conference Italy


Today I had the honor and pleasure to present OpenROV at the Node.js Conference Italy.

There were almost 200 people attending the conference, with many speakers coming from the big players on Node.js.

I presented how the OpenROV software works, especially focusing on the the Node.js part of it.

It was a great experience, and I got great feedbacks from the attendees.

The slides are available online.


Any chance you'll record a video of the demos? It seems the presentation doesn't have a lot of details without it.


Oh, I missed that you could press the down arrow! That gave a lot more details.


And if you press "esc" you get the whole tree of the presentation


very nice clean slides! thanks for posting this.


For some reason I cannot access the dropbox anymore. Is there any other way of seeing these slides?