How much acrylic cement needed?


Hi there!

Trying to gather all necessary parts to assemble the 2.7 kit. I ordered this 1x 57ml acrylic cement from emodels the other day:

Then it struck me… is 57ml enough to assemble the 2.7 kit or do I need to purchase one more bottle? You guys that already built yours… can you help me here? :confused:

Rasmus, Sweden


Hi Rasmus, according to the bill of materials, which you will find at the OpenROV Github, you should need about 4oz, or approx 118 ml, so you should be just on the limit. It may be a good idea to place an order for another one, just in case.


Yes I noticed that, but wonder how much that is REALLY needed since that 118ml (4oz) bottle is recommended. So perhaps only about half is needed and then I should be fine =)


Probably yes. I would go ahead and start. Worst case scenario, you’ll have
to wait for a few days to get replenishments. For the 2.6 I built, I got a
500ml bottle of Dichloromethane, and I probably used about 10-20%. I don’t
know from the top of my head how much I used for the 2.7. Maybe @Erika_Bergman
has some more info?