How Hard Can It Be?


The guys from the show How Hard Can It Be? recently attempted to build their own ROV. They're goal was to get live video from two miles down, starting from scratch, on only a three week schedule. Yikes!

Their results were predictable, but it was still fun to watch them go through some of the same challenges that I'm sure many others have gone through on their initial forays into underwater robotics.


Enjoyable to watch them have some of the same problems that I have had with designing.

I can't imagine how much they spent on the fiber optic cable for this!


I was thinking the same thing Kyle! In the video, he said their robot could be made with just a few hundred bucks. 2 miles of fiber optic cable for a few hundred bucks - not a bad deal ;)


One thing that kept making me annoyed was how they kept saying that it was from a home improvement store. I have never been in a home depot or lowes that carries most of the things that they used. I must be missing the industrial area in home depot where that piping is :)