How does trident works in rivers



Someone tried the trident in rivers?

If so, how does it work with the cable?


Hello Tore.

We just got back from a trip where we used Trident in a quickly flowing river. The visibility was amazing which is almost never the case. We learned a few things:

  1. No vis means no fun…gotta be able to see stuff to avoid ensarement.
  2. Currents are challenging but manageable. If you are drifing along with Trident and using the motors to keep course and avoid obstacles it’s like a video game and is really fun. Heading up current works to some degree but depending on how much tether is out it feels like flying a kite.
  3. Tether management is the most important thing. Only paying enough out to get the job done but keep Trident’s turning ability is tough.

In summary–depending on the environment it can be a good experience or not. The videos we shot will be posted to youtube soon so you can judge for yourself. But please reach out if you have any questions or want to strategize further how to mitigate risks and operational challenges with river deployments.



Sounds good. Please send link for you tube video. Cant wait to see :sunglasses: