How does everyone capture and save video?


More help needed unfortunately as our efforts to save video have been a total disaster. We have been trying to use VLC to capture the video but again I’m a computer nuffy so I don’t know what happened, but we thought the video was being saved but we can’t find the files where the video was saved now. Then everything started crashing and our efforts to do an inspection for a client ended up in complete failure.


Hi @kent, I read your frustration. Regarding video capture, many community members have successfully used Screencastify, myself included. The free version allows you to record 10 minutes videos and up to 50 videos per month. It’s a browser extension sitting in chrome, and super easy to use. The free version has a watermark, so if used professionally, I recommend shelling out the $2 / month for the premium version, as that removes the watermark. It also removes the limitations.

With regards, to users in Melbourne, there used to be a user group active down under, you might find more info here on the forum.


Many thanks RPDT - I just took a look at Screencastify and it looks super easy to use which is perfect! The premium for $2 per month looks to be well worthwhile spending for the crop and trimming feature as that will allow us to zoom the video for the client in if we need to show them a small problem.