How do you stick the graupner?


Hi all,

I have bought the graupner propeller. It came with a thread to screw it.

How to you glue it?

I have tried with hot glue but after playing 10' with it the propeller gets out...

btw I have noticed a far better control of the rov.

I have thought about epoxy and will probably try this.

Do you have a better idea?




i've bought some graupner propellers with M5 threads. my thought was to drill a hole in the center of a M5 bolt thats the same size as the motor shaft. then drill a M3 hole trough the head of the bolt to secure it with a setscrew against the motor bell. alternativly use loctite 648(gear/bearing glue) to glue the bolt to the shaft instead..

with internal M4 threads in the prop, there is barely enough (usually not enough) metal left when drilling it in center to 3mm.

with M4 props one could also glue inn a M4 nylon bolt in the prop, then drill it to 3mm(the remaining nylon will then hopefully stay in the prop threads. and then glue it with epoxy to the motor shaft.


I bought the M4 version of the Graupner propellers and before getting into more serious soutions, I just tried to fasten a shrink tube at the motor shafts and just screwed the propellers onto the shrink tube. After two days of driving the ROV I only can say that this quick solution work s quite well. Had no issues with loose props so far. I’ll stay with this solution for a while.


Hey Thomas and Stefan!

We've found that the easiest and surest way to attach our M4 props is to fill the hole in the prop with epoxy (we use the same Hysol E-90FL that is used to pot the endcaps), then after shrinking a 5 or 10 mm-long length of heat-shrink tubing over the base of the shaft of the motor to adapt diameters (so that the motor shaft and prop will be concentric), we push it into the hole (allowing epoxy to ooze out) and let it cure overnight. The heat shrink is only needed at the base of the shaft because the end of the shaft naturally centers itself at the bottom of the M4 hole which is tapered.



Hi all,

As promised here is some feedback: I finally tried to use simply epoxy. The first tests seem ok. I found it to fill until the bottom of the thread.

I'll keep you posted!




Thanks for your answers. The epoxy + heat-shrink seems to be a winning combo...