How do i power my thrusters and my board?


Hello, I am new to this. As part of a project for my Tech Center, I have decided to build a ROV. My issue is, I cannot figure out how to power both the controller board, and my thrusters. I am using the OpenROV dev kit and the t-100 thrusters from blue robotics. The T-100 requires 12v, but the board can only handle 5, at least, thats what ive gathered from the specs. How would i go about powering both?


You have the ESCs? The board will supply power, via the battery lines ( you can use an 11.1V LiPO if you want) to power the ESCs, and the ESCs will subsequently power / operate your motors. I know of, but am not familiar with, the T-100s, however, I would imagine the ESCs in the kit should turn them. Anyoen correct me if I am wrong.



Hi -
i have OpenRov 2.5B with the standard 18A hobbywing ESCs that were supplied with the 2.5 system, T100 thrusters seem to be running fine over short test durations ( thats as far as i’ve got ) - the most difficult part has been configuring and then calibrating the ESCs.

As Jim points out the battery supplies will power the ESCs via the main board.
but you can also run everything from approx 12V DC power supply hooked up to J11 on the motherboard. Batteries disconnected.
( mine is limited to 11.5 Volts , and 10 Amps is my max output for the purpose of testing ) . This supply voltage goes direct to the ESC’s and is stepped down on the board for the other elements.

check the schematics and layout for your particular board to see where the DC power supply connections ( J11 in my case ) - you can solder on leads and some kind of plug or connector block so you’re not reliant on batteries in the workshop.

also ( excuse my laypersons electronics understanding here! ) have a look at the power supply schematic for your board and note that the 12V nominal supply ( or 11.1V battery voltage ) is routed through current and voltage measurement circuits, and through successive voltage converters/regulators to derive 5V and 3.3V supplies as required by the various elements of the system.

NOTE - The T100 thrusters are surprisingly powerful - make sure they are suitably fixed down when you test them!

Another note that the the earlier openrov’s seem to have 18A ESC’s supplied while i think some newer versions have a 12A ESC, which is closer to the maximum draw of the T100 thruster .

have fun with your project.