How deep can I take the V2.6?


Hi everyone.

I can not see any real multiple tests which can tell how deep this ROV actually can go as standard built.
I should maybe be an option to buy extra end caps for main body and battery chambers to allow double O-ring set-up?

Tom-Vidar Salangli


If you build the V2.6 ROV well, it will go to 100 meters just fine. A number of people have redesigned their endcaps for various reasons, but it shouldn't be necessary for diving to 100m.



Okey… I’ll do my best…I found the parts for the battery tube end caps to be too big in diameter to enter the tubes… I had to “grind” them down… Hope the other part are more correct:-)
Some small pieces was even broken, But i glued them… Guess it was due to transport…


I did the edge of the tubes as in the video… But still to wide in diameter


I figure this may still be relevant for some.

We put a vanilla v2.6 down to 28.9 meters today for some minutes, measuring with a standard “Uwatec Digital 330m Bottomtimer”. No water was observed inside, except a tad of condensation in the main electronics tube.

I would however, consider reinforcing to improve ones odds. The balloon/rubberband to improve the O-ring surface area in the main electronics tube seems like a good idea; also as you mentioned double O-rings.