How could BBB connect internet ? how dashboard update software?


hello ,everybody ~
how could bbb connect internet?
Rov’s IP is
and my computer ip 192.168.1.X is asigned by Router,

I use ssh connect to BBB,and use: ping, but fail.
I noticed that in the Dashboard,there is software updates,
so I confused that if BBB can not connect internet, then how Dashboard updates software ?

Thank you so much.


I found that the following commands can connect internet successfully,
why ???

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openrov-rov-suite


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Updating is much easier on SD card.

You also need to have the dashboard open to get the ROV connected to the internet.


Dear Brendan,my point is that why Rov can not ping successfully,but Rov upgrade from dashboard is ok ?


Hi, the ROV should be able to ping google sucessfully, but it only connects to the internet via proxy when you have the dashboard open. That’s why the ROV updates on the dashboard work but you cant ping google when you SSH into the BBB. Also the people at OpenROV are very busy with the Trident and the servers that host the online updates can get a bit neglected and out of date, that’s why updating on SD card is the easier and recommended option.


Dear Brendan:
thank you so much~
your answer is so sweety^_^
hope to get trident ASAP.