How can I use the DC motors with the Arduino controller board



I am using openrov controller board v2.6 and everything is working fine until now( imu, Beaglebone, camera, leds, lasers and top interface board).

I read about the servo motor and how it should be connected with ESCs to get its power. I am trying to use DC motors instead of using the brushless and ESCs. I am facing some difficulties with how to get them work the code itself is very long and I can not find where to get started. What I need is to make them works and the servo motor. Is there anyone can help? I am not using any batteries managed to get everything working with the power supply.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe you can just use a esc for DC motor instead of the one for brushless motors lik this one


I have drivers for dc motor.

Can I use the PWM header stocks? It should works just like that, the arduino code can’t work until it is changed.