How can i buy the body (frame ) of this openrov Submarine in cairo?



i am a student studying engineering in egypt

i want to make this project in egypt ( my graduation project ) in my faculty

i can do all this project Except the frame ( body )

we do not have The ability to form this body in my faculty

so i want to buy the body only ( not the Internal components )

please help me

note : if you can answer me in arabic language , do it please

as i am not good in reading & writing in english



There is one way to do it, discussed here:

Another way is to use a heat-gun, or a propane torch (blown through a screen to deflect the direct flame). clamp your piece at the bend between pieces of wood, along the edge of a table. Then cover the long piece that sticks out with a piece of metal or wood, leaving a 2cm gap at the bend for the hot air.

Next, pour yourself a big cup of tea, grab a seat, and slowly, evenly, heat up the exposed area around the bend line until the plastic nice is soft enough to bend.


did u get it ?


There's a hackerspace in Cairo:

Not sure if they have a laser cutter, but if they do that would be a way to cut the ROV body.


There's also a few other ways to bend the acrylic without a strip heater. More strategies here: