Homestead Crater OpenROV 236 Test


Adventure West ( had an unplanned stop that turned out to be a great place for ROV testing. The Homestead Crater is a hotpot spring that fills a 65 foot deep hole in Utah just east of Salt Lake City. I encourage any OpenROV enthusiasts and scuba divers to check this place out. They have a divers lounge just for us underwater types! Well worth the drive!! If you happen to be a golfer the place is also a country club that has a couple of nice restaurants and various other activities for the family.

The water is clear, and stays about 85-90 degrees year round. This makes for great ROV testing because the water easy to get into and not so deep you might lose your ROV on the first try. They allow scuba divers, and sometimes have folks on hand to assist. To dive costs only $20!! I got some great shots of the ROV and it was a restful peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors. See pics and videos!