Homeplug V2 with OpenROV V2.5B


can someone tell me how to connect the new homeplug V2 with the OpenROV V2.5B? And also how to make the connections for the topside unit of the system.

I can do this using wires and i do not mind of the homeplug fits onto the Control Board of the OpenROV V2.5B.

Unfortunately we can not find the old version of the homeplug adapter this is why we purchased the new one. We already have the ROV and do not want to purchase another one just because we can not find the new homeplug adapters.

Thank you.

Custom ROV For Senior Project

check this thread out:



thanks for your reply David.

but this does not answer my question. i am sorry if i seem a little anxious, but i have been asking this for many days now and did not receive an answer.

this threads simply says that the new adapter does not fit on the v2.5B board. i know it does not fit. what i asked is if someone can tell me how to connect the new adapter on the old board without fitting it... just by simply connecting it with wires.


if i order the topside board of the new system does it work with the "old" control board 2.5B? meaning can i use the new topside with the old control board 2.5B?

i am really trying to stablish connection and have no results. the system was working and now i get nothing.

please help.


Hi Giorgos

If you have the 2.5B Controller and the new Homeplug adapter then you will have to wire it it rather than using the connectors. The Home plug basically has two pins for the tether wires & polarity is not an issue and two pins to supply 3.3v & Ground to power it up and these have to have correct polarity. I do not have the new Homepulg adapters or the 2.5B controller to tell you exactly which pins to wire up but you may be able to figure that out by looking at them.

As for the topside adapter again I don't use the OpenROV pcb I just use the HomePlug adapter with a small usb pcb to power the +5v & 3.3v

Maybe someone else can provide you with more information so you can get this working.


hi David. thanks for the reply.

but we decided not to use the homeplugs. we are using a different tether we made and we power the BBB using that directly from the USB of the pc.