Home Made ROV


I have been all over the Net looking for a good ROV Build,seen some good one`s and some not so good i would like to build a ROV for Grandson and My Self we have just completed two Hydrophones and they work well with the plans i have found.We both live in Rhode Island and have many places in this state to use a Rov we both love fishing and i think this is want has led us to this new undertaking my Grandson is Nine years old and has asked many time when we are fishing (If i could only see down there ) i understand what he is getting at so now it is time, any help or plans would be so much Appreciated a little background on my skills, I have been a Hydrauilc Tech and Heavy Equipment Mechanic for over 30 years i am no stranger to the skills needed to build one i have seen the Kit one here but can not justifie the cost at this time.Thanks again for any Help


Would you consider building an OpenROV from scratch? It will still set you back about $500, but there's a lot of documentation out there.


If your budget is tight, the sea perch is a good option: https://plus.google.com/u/1/events/cc0abp62u2o1grkmurqb5rennvo


Thank you David Philip Nathanael i will look in to them it is a start