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My name is Umer Irshad. I am a Senior at Tustin High School (CA), part of its 4-year engineering program called T-Tech Academy. For our Senior Engineering Project, we are repairing and reassembling an OpenRov 2.8. We are using the OpenROV as a model to build our own underwater rover that doesn’t need Ethernet Connection and can interface with Arduino Mega. We would use some of the replacement parts from the OpenROV like the motors and acrylic casing, but we want either a Playstation Controller or a Joystick that can control the motors with a tethering system. We also want a PVC-based frame for our rover. How would we go about designing and building this? Any ideas and feedback are appreciated.

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Umer Irshad | Tustin-Tech


What are you looking to do with the new ROV? How much time per week will students be able to dedicate to the build? What are you trying to accomplish that a 2.8 cannot? I worked with a high school class on a 2.8 build but time was a problem. Building something custom is doable and would be a great learning experience but will be a test of patience and require learning a lot of new things outside of school. That said, I imagine a group of pre-engineering students could work through just about anything a ROV build can throw at you if given enough time.

Lots of help available on here but once you start going custom you are on your own pretty much as far as trouble shooting goes. There will be trouble shooting, a lot of it. I suggest focusing on the 2.8 and get it runnning as OpenROV intended as they are great at getting your through a build. From there you can make whatever frame you want and just plug in the guts from the 2.8.

The 2.8 operates via tether and game pad/joystick.



We currently spend anywhere from 8-10 hours in our workshop every week. The Cockpit is sometimes unresponsive, even when the range of the rover is quite small. When we build our own underwater rover, we want to simplify the the 2.8 components and only use Arduino boards that are compatible with IP cameras and a tethered joystick.



You might want to check out this ROV website for some inspiration.



I hope this helps for the base of the robot [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iZKerPHXLo]

also, try asking on the forum about how the new Trident does it. Even in FIRST RObotics Competition, with dual remotes and a wireless ethernet control adapter on our robot, it doesn’t work sometimes. well, just gotta restart the whole computer and program again…

here we go with the 27th restart…_[quote=“TCIII, post:4, topic:6765, full:true”]

You might want to check out this ROV website for some inspiration.