Hiding the telemetry in the cockpit


Is there an easy way to hide the telemetry on the right hand side of the cockpit in order to have a bigger video view?


Yes there is. There is a UI plugin with fullscreen video. It’s easy to install and I think it looks great. You just have to drag and drop a zip file in cloud 9.


Hi Brendan
Excellent!!! thank you,
Ill give it a shot today


Hi Brendan
The “Simple theme” does not seem to work with the latest software…
any suggestions?


It works fine on my ROV running 30.0.3. Are you using the dev image? Maybe try enabling and disabling the plugin a few times or restarting the ROV.


Scroll down on the page to my post from October 15 with the step by step on how to run it on the latest software version.

Let me know how it goes.


I finally got it to work!!
I ended up installing it twice…
Thanks for the support, Brendan and Brian!


Glad to hear you got it working!