Hermeticity prove of the electronics tube


I finished building my rov and testing the electronics, now I want to do an hermeticity testing to prove the sealing of the electronics tube. I have some questions:

1.- What I need to do to avoid the water leaks inside the tube?.

2.- The tube needs to be sumerged in the water with the small holes of the syringe on the end caps open or close?. Water doesn't leak through the small holes?.

3.- The endcaps seal properly in shallow water or their need to be in greater depth?.



Hey Jorge,

The syringe plugs should be in place. You should make sure that there is a thick strip of enguaged o-ring pressing against the inside of the main tube. The endcaps should hold out water at any depth, and if they're working right, the deeper you go, the tighter the o-rings will seal.

If you want to test the seal before you get in the water, I recommend pulling a vacuum on the tube and seeing if air slowly leaks in (which would indicate a leak). You can do this by pulling air out of one endcap that doesn't have a syringe plug while the other endcap does have a plug. I recommend this vacuum pump for the test.

Here's a diagram of what the test setup looks like: